Playlist: A guide to Kyuss, by Louise Lemón

Playlist: A guide to Kyuss, by Louise Lemón

As weeks of lockdown begin to stretch into months, we’re persevering on our quest to bring you fantastic music to keep you entertained. The best part? We’ve enlisted a whole host of musical friends to help. One Inch Man: The repetitiveness is what gets me going with this track. When I write, I usually write just one or two sentences and I could be fine with that. I love everything that is repetitive, like a mantra, it soothes. Freedom Run: A metamorphosis in a song. The intro makes me go into another dimension.

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There is a place in London called the Relentless Garage. It sits next to Waitrose and broods at the middle class bustle of Islington. Every so often a gaggle of dark hair and ripped denim will be sucked through its doors and into firing range of some high quality sound equipment. On a hot July night this happened once more, for John Garcia had brought the desert to town.

A guide to Kyuss: biography, discography, reviews, links. Zeppelin di How Many More Times (in One Inch Man), e su quelle fondamenta a costruire un (I Sat By The Ocean, but not the hysterical single My God Is the Sun) and the album is a.

It would be recorded in March and then released on 11 July the same year, mere months before the band would break up. The album features a tighter and more straightforward sound, both in songwriting and production, than the band’s preceding efforts. And The Circus Leaves Town would be released on 11 July with the album’s only single being “One Inch Man”, featuring three b-sides and later attaining a music video. Along with a CD release the album saw a vinyl and cassette edition that notably omits the bonus tracks hidden on the CD.

However the album did not fare well commercially or critically as well as previous efforts, one of the factors in Kyuss’ break-up that October. In an article on the album’s 20th anniversary Garcia would cite Circus as “a horrible fucking record to make” and that “Josh and I were clashing all the time and had creative differences. There was also a bit of bickering going on, and I was pretty stressed.

Recall: KYUSS live in Italy, 1995

Inscription Pass perdu? Groupes Stoner Rock Rechercher Date de parution: Tous Modifier l’album Reporter une erreur. Album, , Smash. Deadly Kiss 2. Window of Souls 3.

ever Australian tour in , followed by every single Slipknot video we KYUSS One Inch Man (Warner); ANTHRAX Inside Out (Mushroom).

Kyuss’ sound can be described as hard rock with a stoner approach, with a dash of psychedelia that was similar to the space-rock outfit Hawkwind. With the inclusion of Josh Homme’s guitar tone that could be described as warm, fuzzy and creamy, they achieved on creating their own unmistakable signature sound. Lyrical themes include life struggles, love, and the rock and roll life.

This is Kyuss’ debut released in through the independent music label Dali. The album showcases Kyuss’ early and primitive sound, with greater hints of a punk-ish vibe and blues in it. Blues for the Red Sun was released in through the independent music label Dali – a year after the release of their debut. The album displays musical maturity of the band and with the inclusion of a new producer Chris Goss resulted a powerful album.

Unfortunately bassist Nick Oliveri left and was replaced by Scott Reeder. After their former label was bought by Elektra, the band signed to Elektra Records and released Welcome to Sky Valley in and in my humble opinion, their best output. By furthering their sound from Blues for the Red Sun, the band successfully created one of the best albums in the stoner rock genre. Their fourth and final release through music label Elektra in

The 10 Best Desert Rock Albums to Own on Vinyl

Kyuss is the greatest band you’ve never heard of; one of the great underground music phenomena of the s. In the isolation of the southern California desert, they labored away for years, creating a lead -heavy, stripped-down sound all their own. Radio never really got them, but without so much as a hit single , they subtly warped the landscape of rock music in their generation, and helped to spawn a blossoming new music scene : the subgenre now called stoner rock.

One Inch Man Single. Kyuss (Artist) Format: Audio CD from and sold by Amazon, you get 90 days free access to the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual plan.

Kyuss were forced to change their name to Kyuss Lives! There was really no question if the recent legal hassles had slowed the band. Their new album, Peace , harks back to the stoner roots of Kyuss, while their Metro Theatre show was a surging minute set of raw power from one of the most influential bands in rock history. For most, their no-nonsense brand of good-time rock and roll served more as an entree for the main course. Extra kudos must be awarded to the guys, all of whom were sporting impressive beards which gave their performance the air of a wild and drunk hillbilly hard rock act.

Hitting the stage, there was no fucking around. Vista Chino played it hard and tight, without any silliness or self-indulgence. The band served up plenty of new tracks, opening with the swirling beauty of Adara. The new songs stood tall amongst the classics, further evidence that the band has not diminished over the years. The bulldozing riffage of Dargona Dragona was case in point, eroding the long time between drinks as if it never occurred.

Vista Chino sounded as powerful and relevant as they did in their smoky heyday. They closed with an astounding triumvirate of Thumb , Green Machine and Freedom Run , pushing afterburners to full power. The crowd was left needing a breather for the inevitable encore.


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based band Kyuss has never been an easy unit to pigeonhole. level is to try not to segment the band into any single area and to try not to be limited. “Circus​” will be prefaced by the 3i4- minute track “One Inch Man,” which the label will.

And the Circus Leaves Town is the fourth and final studio album by American stoner rock band Kyuss , released on July 11, , nearly a year before their breakup. The album features a tighter and more straightforward sound, both in songwriting and production, than the band’s preceding efforts. Critic Dean Brown attributes this partly to a lack of promotion and the band’s breakup, but also notes that the album “deserves to be cherished as much as the two molten hot records that came right before it.

Writing credits adapted from the album’s liner notes. The song “Catamaran” is a cover of a song originally recorded by drummer Alfredo Hernandez’ previous band Yawning Man. The song “Hurricane” is featured in the video game, Need for Speed: Carbon. An early recording of the song, as well as “El Rodeo,” was released on the ” Demon Cleaner ” single in The idea for the album’s cover came up when John Garcia, together with Scott Reeder’s wife, went on a trip to Bombay Beach.

They discovered the place submerged in water due to fluctuations of sea level.

KYUSS CDs, KYUSS Vinyl Records, KYUSS Singles – Rare and Out of Print Discography

Albums et singles de Kyuss. Green Machine 1. Green Machine 2. Space Cadet 3.

as “One Inch Man,” “Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop” and “El Rodeo,” and the group’s encore included probably their most popular single.

Elektra RecordsIn one of the group’s press sheets, the crunch rockers Kyuss say that it “plugs into the rocks and cacti that provide the surreal backdrop to their spatial musical landscapes. And the Circus Leaves Town” does seem as dry as a desert in spots, but it isn’t always without relief. Kyuss doesn’t try to sound like anyone, and this works to its advantage. The heaviness of Kyuss pronounced “Kie-us” sort of resembles the intense rhythm of Smashing Pumpkins’ first release “Gish,” but what really impresses here is the guitar work by Josh Homme.

Homme’s acid blues style combines nicely with the dark chords the rest of the group pound out. This style is especially apparent on the last track, “Spaceship Landing,” a song that features a fine array of Sabbath-influenced riffs and beats. It’s almost a little mismatched, like various parts of songs that have been glued together. Strangely enough, it works. The downside to Kyuss might be the singing of lead vocalist John Garcia, whose sneering voice can be a bit irritating at times.

On “Phototropic” he’s buried in the bass and guitar distortion, and his indecipherable lyrics are kind of a nuisance. His soft singing is less bothersome, like on “Gloria Lewis. But don’t expect this new release to get much radio play. Kyuss has a respectable combo of blues and metal distortion, and there’s nothing too commercial or marketable about it. Not that that’s bad or anything.

Vista Chino, Gay Paris – Metro Theatre, Sydney 28/01/14

Although they are widely acknowledged as pioneers of the booming stoner rock scene of the s, the band enjoyed little commercial success during their brief existence, but their combination of sludgy, down-tuned guitars often played through a bass amp for maximum, earth-shaking intensity , spacey jams, galloping thrash metal rhythms, and organic drums became a blueprint, often copied, but never quite replicated by countless underground metal bands.

The band gradually built a local following, signed with tiny independent label Dali Records, and released their first album, Wretch , in Under-produced and poorly financed, the album failed to capture the band’s live sound and went mostly unnoticed until sporadic touring started earning Kyuss a reputation as a ferocious live unit, as well as the respect of many fellow musicians. Soon hailed as a landmark by critics and fans alike, the album took the underground metal world by storm and established the signature Kyuss sound once and for all: the doom heaviness of Black Sabbath , the feedback fuzz of Blue Cheer , and the space rock of Hawkwind , infused with psychedelic flashes, massive grooves, and a surprising sensibility for punk rock, metal, and thrash.

Based on this sudden surge of interest, the band was signed by Elektra Records just as Dali was about to go bankrupt, and despite the loss of bassist Oliveri he was replaced by Scott Reeder , formerly of the Obsessed , the band continued building momentum with ‘s Welcome to Sky Valley. Also recorded under Goss ‘ guidance, the album nearly matched the brilliance of its predecessor and saw Kyuss taking the novel approach of grouping the songs into three extended suites.

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April 29, Last week, when Wollongong-based outfit Psychic Sun unleashed their latest single Backfire , we were immediately on board with their blistering, fuzzy, psych-rock sounds. Ty Segall defies logic. The guy is super prolific and has so many killer tunes. Love the way Girlfriend has a boogie to it but is still so tonally unhinged. Geoff Psychic Sun guitarist and vocalist put me onto him through this track. Probably one of the best live bands ever.

The only other band that does it that well is Deftones. Soundgarden are a big influence on all of us, especially Ben Psychic Sun drummer.

One Inch Man

The Reader View of Wikipedia. In November , three former members of the band minus Homme, who declined to participate reunited under the adapted moniker ” Kyuss Lives! The band formed in jamming under the name Katzenjammer German slangword for “Hangover” [ archaic ], literally “moaning of a cat” before eventually deciding upon Sons of Kyuss. After self-releasing the EP in , the band recruited Nick Oliveri — who had previously played second guitar in Katzenjammer — to replace Cockrell on bass, and shortened their name to Kyuss.

The band gradually built a local following in Palm Desert, California and frequently performed at parties in and around the isolated towns of Southern California ‘s desert areas. These impromptu and predominantly outdoor shows, referred to locally as “generator parties”, [3] consisted of small crowds of people, beer drinking, and the use of gasoline-powered generators to provide electricity for the equipment.

Kyuss hadn’t stopped recording after the Circus sessions: they had also laid down four extra songs to be used as B-sides for the ‘One Inch Man’ single and.

One inch man, lonely soul Two inch man, two inch man, gimme more Five steps back, get him back Three steps up, get him up Always so lonely, lonely, lonely Always so lonely, lonely, lonely One inch man, lonely soul Two inch man, gimme more, more, more, more Always so lonely, lonely, lonely Once inch man he’s so lonely, oh he’s breathin’ Down my vice?? Attach an image to this thought.

One Inch Man Lyrics One inch man, lonely soul Two inch man, two inch man, gimme more Five steps back, get him back Three steps up, get him up Always so lonely, lonely, lonely Always so lonely, lonely, lonely One inch man, lonely soul Two inch man, gimme more, more, more, more Always so lonely, lonely, lonely Once inch man he’s so lonely, oh he’s breathin’ Down my vice??

What’s Your Interpretation? Attach an image to this thought Drag image here or click to upload image. Posting thought Be the first! Post your thoughts on the meaning of “One Inch Man”. Click to view more. All There. Bankroll Fresh. Shape Of You. Only Women Bleed. A Million Voices.

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JH: No, Brant (Bjork, ex-Kyuss drummer) wanted for Dave to do it. JH: There’s gonna be three on the “One Inch Man” single and then there’s gonna be one on.

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Kyuss – Whitewater

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